Friday, 6 September 2013

Colouring my Day


Hmmm...this is a little difficult. In my last post, I was excited to be taking an introductory workshop in Aura Light Colour Essences, Oils and Creams. Now, as I was disappointed beyond measure, I was hesitant to write negatively. However, I told so many people what I was doing that, for integrity's sake, I am going ahead. As I have no wish to be associated in working with these products in any way, I feel I should explain why.

I have no problem with colour therapy. Colours can lift the mood, calm the mind and generally make us happy. I work with crystals and a huge part of their appeal are their beautiful colours. As you can see in the picture, the array presented in the Aura Light arsenal is glorious and I couldn't wait to start understanding how they worked. As well as myriad colours cleverly suspended like cocktails, the bottles house essential oils, flower remedies, crystal remedies and have been prepared with such additions as sound therapy and stellar frequencies (whatever that means!) My own therapies include aromatherapy, crystal healing and Bach Flower Remedies, so I thought this would be right up my street.

'So what's in them?' I asked

The friendly teacher repeated what I have just written and added that, once you have tuned into or been guided to a certain bottle, you inhale from the ones containing essences (ie Chakra essences) or rub on the colourful oil from the Harmony bottles as part of a massage or just on pulse points etc.

'Yes, but what essential oils are in them?' I asked

Repeat of blurb with the addition of saying that one will be given an ingredients list on Level 3 training. Now Level 1 is the first row of bottles in the picture - Level 2 the second row....and so on.

Any of you using essential oils for profession or pleasure know that the molecules within an oil are small enough to enter the blood stream - that is how aromatherapy works. So here I'm being encouraged to sniff a bottle because I'm drawn to particular shade and massage the contents onto skin without knowledge of the ingredients until I have parted with several hundreds of pounds. *Cue a frown*

In some areas of life, I find a heavy handed attitude to health and safety a bit much. But we're talking possible irritation and toxicity here! I carefully source the carrier and essential oils I use on myself and clients. I know where they are from, how they're produced and have batch numbers and use by dates. It's important....think pregnancy or nut allergy. If these bottles worked on the vibration of the colour alone (vegetable dye I was told) then why add oils and essences? - AND why keep them a secret?

With my chosen deep indigo bottle in my hand, the teacher told me that this one had been made with the influence of stellar frequency. I attempted another question:

'Ooh! Like a Full Moon or astrological event?'

Down came the shutters again while the teacher explained that she didn't know exactly how the products were made but just that they were produced under amazing conditions.

Yours truly was beginning to sound like a broken record with questions about the ingredients and wanting more than hints of such marvels without anything concrete. None was forthcoming so in the end I gave up and when the day was over I was more than a little fed up. I wasn't after a secret formula, I'm not about to set myself in competition with the company, but as a therapist, I cannot ask someone to inhale something just because it's a fetching shade of red.

Moving on ... I shall meditate on a card from Denise Linn's Gateway Oracle deck

'Til next time...


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