Thursday, 29 August 2013

Not in the bag...


Since the Tarot has become a huge part of my life and work, I find I seldom go out without my cards. Some other Tarot chums were telling me that they can NEVER be parted from at least one deck, and I had to admit to not feeling quite right without both a Tarot and a Petit Lenormand deck about me.
 Last week I went on a wonderful day trip, pretty far away from home, leaving very early and not returning until way after dark. It was a gorgeously hot day and I took my smallest handbag with me, knowing that there would be no opportunity this day to need the cards. I squeezed in my mini bag of crystals (known as The Gang) and my amethyst pendulum, plus a 5" Apple wood wand. These items are as necessary to me as my lipstick - and those who know me at all, know that I am never without my lippie!
We had a fabulous day, but at some point around lunch time, I began to feel really twitchy. That unease you experience when you know you've forgotten something. I was missing my cards! I told myself not to be daft - it's not as if I had readings, journaling or research to do, and I'm sure they were perfectly fine at home...or were they? Were they missing me too? I felt I just needed to see them, that's all. I wasn't about to interrupt our day for a quick spread (or a slow one!). No, just to know that they were with me would be enough. I made a mental note to myself to never leave home without them again if this was how I was going to feel. My fellow Tarot chums nodded and tutted in agreement, and admitted that, yes, once Tarot fully enters your life, it's like a surgical procedure to be parted from one's cards.

So, now that lesson's learned, I shall be off up to Northamptonshire this coming weekend for a workshop on Aura Light colour essences, which I'm looking forward to writing about next week. I'm hoping they'll fit in well with my other therapies and add another string to my holistic bow.

I'll leave you with this glorious image of The Fool from The Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Löshe - he has a gang of crystals too!
'Til next time,


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Dreams, Challenges and Playlists


This week I had planned to move on from the suit of Wands and open an Oracle deck. However, a couple of friends are going through very challenging times and, not surprisingly, this card has made itself known.

Six pikes and a couple of combatants can be seen heading towards a lone figure, who is fairly well armed himself with a dagger, a sword and his staff/Wand. He looks toned and muscly, possibly from some previous clashes (or in preparation for this one) and is ready for action.

What I often see in this card is that those forces opposing you may not have given you the respect you deserve. Our chap is placed higher up than the foes and exudes a confidence the others may not have seen coming or taken much notice of before.

The sevens can really shake things up and create complications, but can also blast away negativity. A tiny detail I love in this card is the golden boar sitting on top of our solo warrior's helmet. Boar is quiet and private until riled, when it becomes a mighty force. Wild and powerful, Boar can show us our hidden depths, even helping us find our warrior spirit and aiding us on our path. A strong ally indeed. When feeling under pressure from those around you seeking to challenge your ambitions and creativity (traits of Wands) - remember this precious totem and maybe wrong-foot your opponents!

Onto dreaming...

This morning during my daily (mostly, ahem!) workout, I listened to the rock playlist I've assembled on my iPod. The list was on 'shuffle' and, amazingly, the majority of the songs concerned dreams, wishes and journeys in various anthems of hard rock and heavy metal. I took this as a wonderful omen to my own dreams.

I love creative writing and have taken part in the brilliant National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) a couple of times. The aim is to write to write 50 000 words during November - a 'draft zero' of work. My writing has evolved and improved (I hope!) and this year my dream is to write something that can really grow into a full novel.

Card reading is such a huge part of my life that, not surprisingly, I've set my story around an oracle deck. This deck doesn't exist outside of my head and I am having the time of my life inventing it! Maybe I can dream it into being. I'll certainly dig deep to try.

Some lyrics that stuck in my head come from the late Ronnie James Dio and sum up how I feel and want to share with everyone...

'We are sunlight we can sparkle and shine and our dreams are what we're made of..'

'Til next time


The DruidCraft Tarot - Philip and Stephnie Carr-Gomm. Will Worthington.
Woodland Tunnel photo ©Margo Benson



Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Rivalry, Competition and Hens!


Today I've chosen another card from a favourite deck The DruidCraft Tarot, and one more from the suit of Wands. The image shows five young lads engaged in an enthusiastic mock battle. I say 'mock' because they're laughing, no-one lies battered and bleeding, in fact they could be dancing. It is a warm Summer day and the boys have shed any protective clothing. In a reading the card stands for rivalry and competition, often among people of similar talents and abilities. If its in a blocking position then the hitherto friendly tussle could turn out to be something more - a greater, more hostile challenge.

What I love in this particular card is the black hen in the foreground, pecking at some grain. Throughout the DruidCraft deck flows the tale of Ceridwen and Taliesin, and many of the cards show various stages of the story (see the tab at the top of the page). Here, after a long chase and much shape-shifting, the boy Gwion, who accidentally supped the brew of wisdom the goddess Ceridwen had made for her son, has turned himself into a grain of wheat to hide. She has become a black hen and eats him!

When I look at this card, I am reminded to look within for that something extra I may have - another way of looking at things or something others don't see. Is there some possibly forgotten knowledge that I can now bring to the fore?

Wands are about passion, creativity and dynamism and there are times it's good to uncover that inner flame at the root (or grain) of it all.

'Til next time


The DruidCraft Tarot - Philip and Stephnie Carr-Gomm. Will Worthington.

Friday, 9 August 2013


Welcome to the first post of Wynn Tarot!

I hope to share thoughts, anecdotes and musings on a life of holistic wonderfulness. To kick off, I would like you to meet my Summer stalker, the Princess of Wands

This force of fire has been following me for weeks. She's encouraging my outgoing side and making me move from thinking about my passions to actually putting them out there. I feel her striding out of the card, almost as if propelling herself through the flames of her suit. I swear those salamanders on her dress wriggle with each viewing! The rich colours of orange and green speak to me of energy and growth.

I feel she's guiding me through these warm light days and, instead of letting me hide under the duvet in a dark, cool room - she's throwing stones at my window, waiting impatiently for me to emerge into the sunshine, without a minute to waste.

I was uncomfortable with her energy at first. I'm mildly agoraphobic (sometimes not so mild) and the personalities within Wands can be a tad bold and brash for me, but I've become very fond of her. Her strength will see me through into the cooler recesses of Autumn. This Princess has been like a wild and fun holiday friendship - someone who has reminded me of my younger self and who's traits I'll remember to call upon when I need an injection of fire.

'Til next time....


The DruidCraft Tarot Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Will Worthington