Friday, 9 August 2013


Welcome to the first post of Wynn Tarot!

I hope to share thoughts, anecdotes and musings on a life of holistic wonderfulness. To kick off, I would like you to meet my Summer stalker, the Princess of Wands

This force of fire has been following me for weeks. She's encouraging my outgoing side and making me move from thinking about my passions to actually putting them out there. I feel her striding out of the card, almost as if propelling herself through the flames of her suit. I swear those salamanders on her dress wriggle with each viewing! The rich colours of orange and green speak to me of energy and growth.

I feel she's guiding me through these warm light days and, instead of letting me hide under the duvet in a dark, cool room - she's throwing stones at my window, waiting impatiently for me to emerge into the sunshine, without a minute to waste.

I was uncomfortable with her energy at first. I'm mildly agoraphobic (sometimes not so mild) and the personalities within Wands can be a tad bold and brash for me, but I've become very fond of her. Her strength will see me through into the cooler recesses of Autumn. This Princess has been like a wild and fun holiday friendship - someone who has reminded me of my younger self and who's traits I'll remember to call upon when I need an injection of fire.

'Til next time....


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